Psaki: Biden ‘Would Love to See Action’ on Gun Control

Psaki: Biden ‘Would Love to See Action’ on Gun Control

February 5, 2021

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told NBC’s Peter Alexander on Thursday that President Joe Biden “would love to see action” on gun control.

“The President promised to act on day one on this issue, of we know there is only so much he can do by executive action on it,” Alexander asked Psaki. “Where does this fall on his legislative priorities?”

Psaki replied, “As Vice President, and even before that, the President took on the NRA twice and won. This is an issue he is personally committed to, many in this building are personally committed to, I think he would love to see action on additional gun safety measures to protect families and children.”

Of course, strict gun control doesn’t protect families and children — it puts them more at risk because the only people burdened by oppressive government interference with our Second Amendment rights are law-abiding gun owners. That is a demographic Democrats want disarmed because they don’t want citizens to defend themselves, much less against a tyrannical government.

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