Psaki: Biden Calls for ‘De-escalation’ in Middle East

Psaki: Biden Calls for ‘De-escalation’ in Middle East

May 12, 2021

During a White House press briefing on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that President Joe Biden has urged both Israelis and Palestinians to pursue “de-escalation” after several days of Palestinian riots and rockets against Israeli civilians, followed by Israeli airstrikes against Palestinian terror groups.

“[Biden] has directed his team to engage intensively with senior Israeli and Palestinian officials as well as leaders throughout the Middle East,” Psaki claimed. “His team is communicating a clear and consistent message in support of de-escalation, and that is our primary focus.”

Psaki went on to pay lip service to the administration’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself, while condemning the “extremism that has inflicted violence on both communities.”

In fact, there is no extremist violence being waged against the so-called Palestinians. Retaliation against terrorism is not extremist violence. But the Biden administration, like the left in general, is no friend to Israel or Jews, and the Palestinians know it. That is precisely why they have re-launched terrorism against Israel almost immediately after former President Trump, the best friend Israel ever had in the White House, departed.

Psaki went on to blather about “diplomacy, dialogue, and de-escalation,” and the same old fantasy of a two-state solution that would in fact spell the end of Israel “from the river to the sea.”

“In the coming days, as Muslims gather with family and friends to celebrate Eid and Jews joined together to mark the–the beginning of Shabbat, let us affirm that all people of faith deserve to enjoy these important celebrations without fear of violence and work toward peace and calm for all,” Psaki concluded.

Want peace for all and an end to violence in Israel? Help the Israelis quash the extremist violence of Palestinian Jew-haters.

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