Project Veritas: Zuck Wanted to ‘Undermine’ Transition of Power

Project Veritas: Zuck Wanted to ‘Undermine’ Transition of Power

February 1, 2021

In recent footage leaked by Project Veritas, totalitarian Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg justified the social media blacklisting of former President Trump by saying he wanted to “undermine” the transition of power.

Project Veritas reportedly has obtained hours of insider footage from Facebook meetings featuring top company executives, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg. During one of these meetings, Zuckerberg said, “It’s so important that our political leaders lead by example, make sure we put the nation first here, and what we’ve seen is that the president [Trump] has been doing the opposite of that…The president intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power.”

Fact check: entirely false.

Zuckerberg added falsely that the Capitol Hill protesters on January 6 were treated better than Black Lives Matter protesters: “I know this is just a very difficult moment for a lot of us here, and especially our black colleagues. It was troubling to see how people in this [Capitol] mob were treated compared to the stark contrast we saw during protests earlier this [past] year,” he said.

Stark contrast? BLM protesters suffered virtually zero police interference as they rioted nationwide. Celebrities paid the bail for any arrested protesters. The media covered for the BLM thugs by calling them “mostly nonviolent” and claiming that words like “riots” and “looting” are racist.

By contrast, all Trump supporters, whether present at the Capitol Hill protest or not, have been labeled white supremacists and domestic terrorists.

Zuckerberg doesn’t care about a peaceful, lawful transition of power. He is at the forefront of a dangerous, unconstitutional, totalitarian movement to “cancel” not only the former President but everyone who supported him.

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