Prof. Juan Cole: ‘We Have a Mad Bomber in the White House’

Prof. Juan Cole: ‘We Have a Mad Bomber in the White House’

January 13, 2020

At a campus protest on Wednesday titled “No War On Iran,” Univ. of Michigan Prof. Juan Cole called President Trump “a mad bomber in the White House” and claimed that Trump, SecDef Mark Esper, and SecState Mike Pompeo are “making war” on the “climate.”

“We have somebody who’s erratic,” Cole stated. “We have a secretary of defense who’s a lobbyist for the arms industry. We have a secretary of state who is a Kansas oilman… The three of them together are making war on our climate and on the Middle East.”

“The Trump Administration did not strike Iran for the first time this week. The Trump Administration has had Iran under the severest economic blockade in modern history,” he continued, before lobbing this bizarre analogy: “Trump has put a pillow over the baby of Iran… to strangle the lives of people.”

It is not “anti-war” if only America is being protested and blamed. It is anti-American. Cole is aiding and abetting our enemy Iran, a terror state whose regime has waged war with the U.S. for 40 years.

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