Pressley: We’re ‘Forcing Birth’ During ‘Baby Formula Shortage’

Pressley: We’re ‘Forcing Birth’ During ‘Baby Formula Shortage’

June 28, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Reports, “Squad” radical Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) complained that the Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v Wade means “forced birth in a country… on the heels of a baby formula shortage.”

Pressley lamented the loss of what she called a “constitutional right to health care — and abortion care is health care…”

Fact check: the oxymoronic term “abortion care” is not health care; it is infanticide.

“And that vulnerability will be disproportionately borne by our most marginalized,” she continued to blather, trying to make abortion a race issue. “We know there is a black maternal morbidity crisis. This is an issue that Vice President Harris has led on. Black women are three to four times more likely to die in childbirth. We know that for those that do not have means to travel to safe haven states, that they will be left with no options. And so, this is a matter of life and death for our LGBTQ siblings, for the disabled, for low-income women, for women of color, for black women, the fact that we find ourselves — as she said — with fewer rights this evening than we started with this morning, that we could be talking about forced birth in a country that does not have paid leave, that does not have child care, on the heels of a baby formula shortage.”

Arguing that there should be a constitutional right to terminate pregnancies because we’re currently running short of baby formula (thanks, Biden administration) has to be one of the most irrational arguments for abortion ever.

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