Pressley: We Need Many Laws to ‘Affirm’ That Black Lives Matter

Pressley: We Need Many Laws to ‘Affirm’ That Black Lives Matter

May 26, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Reports, radical “Squad” Rep. Ayanna Pressley declared that the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act was not enough “to affirm once and for all that Black Lives Matter.”

“Qualified immunity is an unjust doctrine that has been codified in statute after statute, that has allowed for law enforcement to operate with callous disregard for Black and brown bodies, with reckless impunity for our lives, without any consequences,” Pressley stated falsely.

Without any consequences? An officer who did not even cause the death of small-time thug Floyd was convicted of murder.

“George Floyd was brutally murdered,” Pressley claimed, again falsely. “Why did that happen? It happened because we have to affirm the fact Black Lives Matter because our lives have not mattered. They have not been valued. There was no humanity, no grace extended or afforded to him. Black folks have been dehumanized.”

Floyd died because he was unhealthy and had ingested a lethal quantity of illegal drugs. He didn’t die because police didn’t believe his life mattered; he did because his life didn’t matter to him.

“Consequently we have been brutalized, surveyed, profiled, murdered, lynched,” she arguee. “So what would be the deterrent to that? We have much work to do beyond one bill.”

Pressley went on to blather the same old victimization narrative about how “black Americans and other marginalized communities have experienced undue harm for centuries because of what I would characterize as policy violence… And so the path forward, if we are truly in the midst of a reckoning, which means that we are reconciling with who we have been and who we continue to be, then we will usher in transformative bold change. We will codify the value of black lives in our policies and in our budgets, and that is not just one bill.”

In other words, blacks must be financially prioritized in every future law and bill because that’s how Democrats keep blacks on their plantation: pretending to care about minorities that they intentionally keep in chains.

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