Pressley: Trump ‘Is Simply Occupying the Oval Office’

Pressley: Trump ‘Is Simply Occupying the Oval Office’

July 1, 2020

Tuesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Rep. Ayanna Pressley declared that she refuses to recognize the legitimacy of Donald Trump as President, claiming he is simply “occupying” the Oval Office.

“He’s consistent if nothing else, Anderson, this is who he was before,” Pressley said. “He was elected to the Oval Office, you know, leading the birther movement, denying rental units to African-Americans, calling for the death penalty, a sensibly [sic] a lynching of the Central Park — and now the exonerated — Five…

“Here’s someone who was more upset about people throwing paint on Confederate statues than the embedded and systemic, institutionalized racism,” she added. “I don’t call him the president. He’s the occupant. He is simply occupying the Oval Office. He is void of the empathy, the compassion, the intellect, the strategy and the sense of responsibility.”

Pressley’s demagogic accusations are part and parcel of the left’s relentless false Narrative painting Trump as a racist. She’s a propagandist, not a legislator.

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