Pressley: ‘Clueless, Callous’ Trump a ‘Threat to Public Health’

Pressley: ‘Clueless, Callous’ Trump a ‘Threat to Public Health’

July 27, 2020

Sunday on MSNBC, Rep. Ayanna Pressley called President Trump a “threat to the public health” and “to our very democracy,” and argued for more government assistance in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Donald Trump and this administration, they carry his clueless, callous, water on this,” Pressley said. “I remember saying to Secretary Mnuchin, I don’t know any family that could weather this pandemic on a one-time, $1,200 cash infusion, and that was just for 10 weeks. Of course, we continue to be in this. So, folks, you need to vote. We cannot afford—forget 4 more years of this administration. We can’t afford 4 more minutes.”

“They’re a threat to the public health and indeed to our very democracy,” she ranted. “Which is why I have been especially put off by the disingenuous condolences offered on the transition of Rep. John Lewis because they are not showing that they’re connected to the hurts of the American people that need to preserve our democracy and to mitigate the hurt of the American people they’re feeling in the midst of this crisis within a crisis, based on the bills that keep piling up on Mitch McConnell’s desk.”

The crisis is entirely one of Democrat making, so it is Pressley who is the disingenuous one.

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