President Trump: Joe Biden ‘is a Confused Man’

President Trump: Joe Biden ‘is a Confused Man’

May 1, 2020

Speaking on Dan Bongino’s podcast on Friday, President Trump called out the Democrat double standard regarding accusations of sexual assault against presidential nominee Joe Biden and called him “a confused man.”

“I look at the double standard,” Trump said. “You look at Biden, and nobody wants to bring up the subject and, by the way, with someone with far more credibility than any of those four people had with respect to [Supreme Court Justice] Brett [Kavanaugh].”

“I watch [accuser] Tara [Reade]; she seems very credible,” he noted. “The mother was so credible. The mother was great, and I guess a friend of hers came out.”

Regarding a portion of an MSNBC interview in which Biden seemed confused when asked to open up his personal papers for any record of Reade’s accusation, Trump said, “He is a confused man… He’s confused by not only that question; he’s confused about every other question that he’s asked.” He added, “I don’t even know if he’s going to be the candidate, to be honest.”

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