PP Demands Debate Moderators Fact Check Trump on Abortion

PP Demands Debate Moderators Fact Check Trump on Abortion

September 30, 2020

Prior to the first presidential debate Tuesday night, Planned Parenthood (PP) demanded that debate moderators fact-check President Trump in real time on the issues of “abortion” and “systemic racism.”

“We are reaching out ahead of the presidential and vice presidential debates with great excitement and anticipation, but also with significant concern regarding the impact of misinformation spread during these debates,” Planned Parenthood wrote in a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates. Yes, they’re concerned there won’t be enough of their misinformation on abortion.

“To start, while we would hope that the debates be a place for thoughtful conversations of systemic racism in our justice system, we were incredibly disappointed to hear that the framing of one of the topics for the first debate is ‘race and violence in our cities.’ Linking race and violence plays into the same racist stereotypes lifted by President Trump day in and day out. It’s this sort of rhetoric that brings about more violence at the hands of militiamen and white supremacists claiming to be fighting for the protection of private property. The perpetuation of this language and misinformation puts our bodies in danger and dehumanizes people of color.”

All the other grotesque distortions of fact in this statement aside, it’s odd that Planned Parenthood would be concerned about so-called systemic racism and the dehumanization of “people of color,” considering that its founder Margaret Sanger was a racist eugenicist and that it kills an estimated 247 black babies every day in abortions.

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