PP CEO: Biden Must Undo ‘Harm’ of Trump’s Pro-Life Policies

PP CEO: Biden Must Undo ‘Harm’ of Trump’s Pro-Life Policies

January 20, 2021

In an interview with NBC News published Monday, Alexis McGill Johnson, CEO of abortion mill Planned Parenthood (PP), said she hopes President-elect Joe Biden will immediately begin to undo the “harm” President Trump caused with his pro-life policies.

“We have a ton of work to do to undo the harm over the last four years, but knowing we have champions there who understand what needs to happen in the first 100 days is tremendously exciting,” Johnson said in an interview in which Biden was described falsely as “a devout Catholic.”

Biden and his VP-elect Kamala Harris have vowed an immediate and aggressive pro-abortion agenda beginning on Inauguration Day.

In December, Alexis McGill Johnson told Newsweek that PP is “ready to hit the ground running day one,” adding that what is most important to abortion activists is that Biden appoint “key personnel” who will ensure their agenda is achieved. “We know that personnel is policy,” Johnson said. “So we’re making sure that those positions are filled with sexual and reproductive health champions.”

“Reproductive health” is the left’s favorite euphemism for the mass murder of the inconvenient unborn.

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