Power: Trump Halting WHO Funding ‘Sheer Madness’

Power: Trump Halting WHO Funding ‘Sheer Madness’

April 16, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s New Day, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power called President Trump’s decision to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO) “sheer madness.”

“If I had to sum it up, I would say sheer madness,” Power said. “It’s obscene. It’s strictly political, really. An attempt to divert from what we all know has been the gross mismanagement of the prevention phase of this in the United States and the response phase.”

“If we think about how difficult it has been for us in the United States with our sophisticated health care system to manage this crisis, imagine living in a slum in a developing country or in a refugee camp,” Power added. “In places like that, the only place you really have to turn for expertise and for financial support is the World Health Organization, when governments themselves can’t provide the resources.”

Like all globalist entities, the WHO is inefficient, corrupt, and anti-American. The WHO in particular exacerbated the coronavirus because it covered for the Chinese regime, which is responsible for the pandemic.

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