Portland ‘Antifa’ Pays Homage to Shooter of Trump Supporter

Portland ‘Antifa’ Pays Homage to Shooter of Trump Supporter

September 4, 2020

Antifa rioters in Portland, Oregon, mourned the death of Michael Reinoehl on Thursday night after law enforcement killed the man who allegedly shot Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a Trump supporter, last weekend.

Breitbart News reports that Reinoehl, who identified as “100% ANTIFA,” all but admitted shooting and killing Danielson in an interview with Vice on Thursday. “A lot of people don’t understand what ‘Antifa’ represents, he explained. “And if you just look at the basic definition of it, it’s just ‘anti-fascist,’ and I am 100% anti-fascist. I’m not a “member” of ‘Antifa.’ I’m not a member of anything.” He described the shot that killed Danielson as “the beginning of a war.”

Rioters in Portland reportedly paid homage to Reinoehl after news of his death. “Portland Police rush out to clear #antifa rioters at the Kelly Penumbra police building,” journalist Andy Ngo wrote on Twitter. “People there have been mourning the death of Portland Antifa Michael Reinoehl, who killed Aaron Danielson last weekend. #PortlandRiots”

“Antifa is mourning Michael Reinoehl’s death in Portland,” Ian Miles Geong, managing editor at Human Events, tweeted. “He executed a man in cold blood for supporting Trump, and tried murdering police officers.”

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