Pope: World Peace Threatened by Nationalism, Unbridled Greed

Pope: World Peace Threatened by Nationalism, Unbridled Greed

May 31, 2022

Speaking Monday to a delegation from B’nai B’rith International, Pope Francis warned of dangers to world peace such as poverty, nationalism, and “unbridled greed.”

In our time, world peace is “threatened by forms of particularism and nationalism, driven by selfish interests and unbridled greed,” the pope said. “This increases the risk, in the end, of even greater contempt for human dignity and rights.”

He warned that “extremism” fuels “hatred, anger, frustration and radicalism,” and “the antidote to this escalation of evil is remembrance: remembrance of the past, remembrance of its wars, remembrance of the Shoah and of countless other atrocities.”

The measure of our fidelity our common humanity is “our fraternity” and “our concern for others,” he continued. “We cannot be fully ourselves without watching out for our brothers and sisters. We cannot find the Eternal One without welcoming our neighbor.”

The Pope added that “violence always generates more violence, weapons only produce death, and war is never the solution but a problem, a failure.”

Actually, war is sometimes the only or necessary solution, and weapons can protect life and freedom, not just produce death. As for nationalism: the greater danger is globalism, which the open-borders, socialist Pope supports.

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