Pope: ‘We Have Little Time Left’ to Stop Global Warming

Pope: ‘We Have Little Time Left’ to Stop Global Warming

June 5, 2021

In his Message for the Launching of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, published Friday on the Vatican website, globalist/socialist/environmentalist Pope Francis fear-mongered that humanity has only “ten years” to restore the earth’s ecosystem.

“We risk floods, and hunger and severe consequences for ourselves and for future generations,” the pontiff declared. “This is what many scientists tell us.” Many scientists told us masks and lockdowns would spare us from the coronavirus too. How did that work out?

It is time to act urgently “to restore the nature that we have been damaging and exploiting for too long,” Francis stated. “Otherwise, we risk destroying the very basis on which we depend.” He added that “we have little time left – scientists say the next ten years, the span of this UN Decade – to restore the ecosystem, which will mean the integral restoration of our relation with nature.”

Environmental Cassandras, who always have a vested financial and/or political interest in hyping the imminent end of the world, have been warning us that humanity has only ten years left for at least the last half-century. Despite his obscene wealth, Pope Francis is an anti-capitalist and Great Reset proponent who preaches more about our supposed exploitation of the earth than about the salvation of souls.

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