Pope to Orban’s Hungary: Open Your Arms to Everyone

Pope to Orban’s Hungary: Open Your Arms to Everyone

September 13, 2021

In Hungary on a four-day visit to Central Europe, open-borders socialist Pope Francis urged the country on Sunday to “extend its arms towards everyone,” in a thinly-veiled swipe at Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s reasonable immigration policies.

Francis met briefly with Orban, whose refugee policies stand in direct opposition to the pope’s insistence that Europe embrace the world’s refugees (i.e., the swarms of fighting-age Muslim males settling all over the continent). While migration wasn’t on the agenda, Orban wrote on Facebook: “I asked Pope Francis not to let Christian Hungary perish.”

“Religious sentiment has been the lifeblood of this nation, so attached to its roots,” the Pope stated. “Yet the cross, planted in the ground, not only invites us to be well-rooted, it also raises and extends its arms toward everyone.” He added that Hungarians should stay firm in their roots while “opening ourselves to the thirst of the men and women of our time.”

“My wish is that you be like that: rounded and open, rooted and considerate,” he concluded.

Orban is correct for seeing his country as a defender of Christian civilization in Europe and a bulwark against the mass migration from Muslim-majority countries. The Pope’s globalism will mean the end of that Christian civilization.

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