Pope: Taxation is an Important Tool for ‘Wealth Redistribution’

Pope: Taxation is an Important Tool for ‘Wealth Redistribution’

February 2, 2022

Monday before a delegation from Italy’s internal revenue service, socialist Pope Francis praised their work and argued that taxation is a necessary tool for “the redistribution of wealth.”

“Taxation is a sign of legality and justice,” the Pope stated. “It must promote the redistribution of wealth, protecting the dignity of the poor and the least, who always risk being crushed by the powerful.”

“Taxation, when it is right, is a function of the common good,” he asserted. “Let us work to increase the culture of the common good, so that the universal destination of goods is taken seriously.”

“Your work appears thankless in the eyes of a society that puts private property at the center as an absolute and fails to subordinate it to the style of communion and sharing for the good of all,” the far-left Francis declared. He went on to denounce “the scourge” of tax evasion, which goes against the grain of “contributing to the common good” and “social justice.”

He concluded by pleading with the Italians not to abandon their free healthcare system, which benefits the “poor who have no rights.”

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