Pope Slams Populism, Capitalism in World Youth Day Address

Pope Slams Populism, Capitalism in World Youth Day Address

August 2, 2023

Globalist and pro-migration socialist Pope Francis addressed civil authorities and diplomats gathered in Lisbon for World Youth Day, predictably blasting capitalism, populism, and insufficient attention to migrants and climate change.

“At a time when we are witnessing in many places a climate of protest and unrest, fertile terrain for populism and conspiracy theories, World Youth Day represents a chance to build together,” said the pontiff, who cautioned that “planetary injustices, wars, climate and migration crises seem to run faster than the ability, and often the willingness, to face these challenges together.”

“According to classical mythology, the ocean is a child of the sky (Uranus); its vastness leads mortals to look up and rise to infinity,” Francis said. “But, at the same time, the ocean is the son of the earth (Gea) that embraces, thus inviting to envelop the entire inhabited world with tenderness.”

The global problem of the environment “remains extremely serious,” he stated, and “the oceans are heating, and their depths bring to the surface the ugliness with which we have polluted our common home.”

“We are turning large reserves of life into plastic landfills,” he continued. “The ocean reminds us that human life is called to harmonize with an environment greater than ourselves, which must be guarded…with care, thinking of the younger generations.”

Francis warned against the “downward phase of the demographic curve” experienced by Europe and the West, suggesting that “the future asks us to counteract the falling birth rate and the decline in the desire to live.”

“Today, more than ever, it is called to correct the economic imbalances of a market that produces wealth but does not distribute it, impoverishing souls of resources and certainties,” he added.

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