Pope: Populists’ Immigration Policies Resemble Nazi Rhetoric

Pope: Populists’ Immigration Policies Resemble Nazi Rhetoric

February 24, 2020

In an address to bishops in the southern Italian city of Bari,  Pope Francis said the anti-immigration policies of populist politicians only serve to “disseminate fear and hatred,” comparing them to Nazi rhetoric on Sunday.

“I grow fearful when I hear certain speeches by some leaders of the new forms of populism; it reminds me of speeches that disseminated fear and hatred back in the thirties of the last century,” the Pope said, referring to the rise of fascism and National Socialism.

“The rhetoric of the clash of civilizations merely serves to justify violence and to nurture hatred,” Francis continued. “It is unthinkable that this process of acceptance and dignified integration can be accomplished by building walls. When we do so, we cut ourselves off from the richness brought by others, which always represents an opportunity for growth.”

What is unthinkable is the cultural suicide currently devastating Europe, which is being facilitated by open-borders multiculturalists like Pope Francis.

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