Pope: Nations Need the ‘Political Will’ to Fight Climate Change

Pope: Nations Need the ‘Political Will’ to Fight Climate Change

December 6, 2019

In a message Wednesday to theCOP25 United Nations convention on climate change being held in Madrid, Pope Francis chastised political leaders for lacking the “political will” to combat so-called “climate change.”

The Pope noted how studies “show that the current commitments made by States to mitigate and adapt to climate change are far from those actually needed to achieve the goals set by the Paris Agreement. They demonstrate how far words are from concrete actions!”

“[W]e must seriously ask ourselves if there is the political will to allocate with honesty, responsibility and courage, more human, financial and technological resources to mitigate the negative effects of climate change, as well as to help the poorest and most vulnerable populations who suffer from them the most,” he continued.

Of course, the left’s hysterical claim that we have only a few years left to mobilize a là World War II against the purportedly man-made climate change, is nothing more than a big-government, anti-capitalist boondoggle, but it suits Pope Francis’ socialist leanings.


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