Pope: Immigration Today Is ‘Complex,’ ‘Frightening’

Pope: Immigration Today Is ‘Complex,’ ‘Frightening’

November 29, 2021

Addressing the annual intercultural Festival of Giavera del Montello on Saturday, open-borders enthusiast Pope Francis said that immigration problems today are very “complex” and sometimes “frightening,” but that “the one who knocks on your door is God,” and so you must open up your home for him.

“The reality of migration in our time has taken on characteristics that can sometimes be frightening,” Francis said. “Objectively, the phenomenon is very complex, and unfortunately there are criminal groups that take advantage of it; migrants risk being exploited even within geopolitical conflicts. Then they cease to be persons and become numbers.”

“Therefore, there is more than ever a need for places in which the faces, stories, songs, prayers and art of migrants are put at the center,” he added. “This thought touched me: the one who knocks on your door is God,” he said. “Open to him and leave your place for him.”

The socialist Pope went on to pay lip service to dealing with “the difficulties and problems” of mass migration, but his message essentially urged “government leaders at the local, national and international level to make choices that always combine a healthy realism with respect for people’s dignity.”

Pope Francis expressed no concern about the dignity of the citizens in countries overrun and altered — culturally, socially, economically, and religiously — by literally millions of migrants from radically different parts of the world.

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