Pope Francis: ‘We Forget that Europe Was Made by Migrants’

Pope Francis: ‘We Forget that Europe Was Made by Migrants’

April 6, 2022

During an in-air press conference while returning from Malta to Rome on Sunday, open-borders enthusiast Pope Francis urged European nations to welcome more immigrants.

“The problem of migrants is serious because Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, and Spain are the countries closest to Africa and the Middle East and they land here, they arrive here,” he said. “Migrants must always be welcomed! The problem is that each government has to say how many it can normally receive in order for them to live there.”

Yes, because those countries already have citizens living there. They have to have reasonable limits on immigration in order not to overwhelm the system and the economy or radically impact the culture.

“We forget that Europe was made by migrants, it is not true?” he continued.

This is a common argument made by open-borders globalists: that this or that First World country is “a nation of immigrants,” as if that means the country should abandon reasonable immigration laws and throw open the borders to everyone.

Migration “is a problem that touches everyone’s heart,” Francis concluded. “Just as Europe is giving so generously to Ukrainians who knock on the door, so also to others who come from the Mediterranean.”

Has Pope Francis generously opened the doors to the Vatican to the mass migration from Africa and Central Asia? Because it’s easy to tell other countries how to manage their affairs when you live in a wealthy, walled, and heavily-guarded city that will suffer none of the consequences of unchecked migration.

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