Pope Francis: ‘There Are No Walls in the Catholic Church’

Pope Francis: ‘There Are No Walls in the Catholic Church’

December 3, 2021

During his address in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace in Nicosia, Cyprus on Thursday, Pope Francis declared to a gathering of priests that there are “no walls in the Catholic Church.”

The Church is “an open space in which all are welcomed and reached by the mercy of God and the invitation to love,” the pontiff asserted. The Latin Church, present in Cyprus for millennia, “has seen the enthusiasm of faith grow together with its children and today, thanks to the presence of so many migrant brothers and sisters, it presents itself as a ‘multicolored’ people, a real meeting place between different ethnic groups and cultures.”

“You are immersed in the Mediterranean: a sea of ​​different stories, a sea that has rocked many civilizations, a sea from which people, peoples and cultures from all over the world still disembark,” Francis said. “With your fraternity you can remind everyone, the whole of Europe, that to build a future worthy of man it is necessary to work together, to overcome divisions, tear down walls and cultivate the dream of unity.”

Last May, Cyprus declared a “state of emergency” because of the flood of illegal migrants overwhelming its reception centers and even appealed for help from the European Union. Meanwhile, the globalist Pope Francis lives in one of the wealthiest, most heavily-guarded walled enclaves in the developed world.

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