Pope Francis Tackles Climate Change with Council of Cardinals

Pope Francis Tackles Climate Change with Council of Cardinals

April 29, 2022

In a meeting with his Council of Cardinals this week, globalist Pope Francis discussed how the Catholic Church can be most effective in combating climate change

Francis called climate change “one of the great moral issues of our time” and warned that humanity will be judged by God if it fails to effectively deal with the climate crisis.

“The wounds inflicted on our human family by the Covid-19 pandemic and the phenomenon of climate change are comparable to those resulting from a global conflict,” the pope said in a separate message. “Today, as in the aftermath of the Second World War, the international community as a whole needs to set as a priority the implementation of collegial, solidary and farsighted actions.”

Francis predicted that “in the near future, environmental migrants will be more numerous than refugees from war and conflicts.”

There is “no alternative” to battling climate change, he stated, underscoring the importance of “the goals set by the Paris Agreement” in 2015. He argued that humanity faces “an epochal change,” while pressing wealthier nations to “take a leading role in the areas of climate finance, decarbonization in the economic system and in people’s lives, the promotion of a circular economy, providing support to more vulnerable countries.”

There is “no denying” that wealthier nations have a growing “ecological debt” to poorer nations because of their “disproportionate use” of natural resources, Francis added.

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