Pope Francis: Entire World ‘Convulsed’ by Russia’s War

Pope Francis: Entire World ‘Convulsed’ by Russia’s War

September 10, 2022

Addressing a group of papal nuncios in the Vatican on Thursday, globalist, socialist, anti-traditionalist Pope Francis reiterated his condemnation of Russia’s war on Ukraine as a serious “violation of international law.”

Francis said that “Europe and the entire world are convulsed by a war of particular gravity, in terms of the violation of international law the risks of nuclear escalation, and the grave economic and social consequences.”

Over the past two weeks, Francis has repeatedly asserted that humanity is in the midst of World War III, though they may not realize it. On Wednesday, for example, he urged prayers for “battered Ukraine,” while appealing for an end to today’s “world war.”

“I do not forget the battered Ukraine,” Francis told crowds gathered for his weekly general audience. “In the face of all the war scenarios of our time, I ask each one to be a builder of peace and to pray that thoughts and projects of concord and reconciliation may spread throughout the world.”

“Today we are experiencing a world war, let us stop please!” he urged. “To the Virgin Mary we entrust the victims of every war, of every war, especially the dear Ukrainian population.”

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