Pope Francis: ‘Consume Less Meat’ to Save the Planet

Pope Francis: ‘Consume Less Meat’ to Save the Planet

July 14, 2022

Speaking at an EU youth conference on Monday, globalist/socialist Pope Francis urged European youth to eat less meat as a means of curbing global warming and preserving the planet.

“There is an urgent need to reduce the consumption not only of fossil fuels but also of so many superfluous things,” the pontiff told participants. “In certain areas of the world, too, it would be appropriate to consume less meat: this too can help save the environment.”

The Pope needs to worry more about saving souls; the planet will take care of itself.

“May you aspire to a life of dignity and sobriety, without luxury and waste, so that everyone in our world can enjoy a dignified existence,” he told them. “Don’t let yourselves be seduced by the sirens that propose a life of luxury reserved for a small slice of the world,” he said. “Instead, have that ‘broad outlook’ that can take in all the rest of humanity, which is much bigger than our little continent.”

More than ever, this is the right time for “concrete initiatives” to save the planet, he declared.

Eating less meat is not a concrete initiative to save the planet; it’s part of a globalist agenda of post-humanist gurus like Bill Gates to control resources and populations, and to consolidate power and wealth for the super-rich elites, who are steering humanity toward a godless dystopia.

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