Pope Francis Calls for ‘Obedience’ to State Lockdowns

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Obedience’ to State Lockdowns

April 29, 2020

In a daily tweet on Tuesday, Pope Francis urged obedience to state lockdown measures, presumably including new government rules excluding public worship from activities permitted under the new coronavirus lockdown.

“At this time, as indications emerge for a way out of quarantine, we pray that the Lord will grant us the grace of prudence and obedience to these indications, so that the pandemic does not return,” the Pope said.

This comes in the wake of a sternly-worded rebuke from the Italian Bishops’ Conference to Prime Minister Conte over what the bishops call his “arbitrary” decision to ban public services. The bishops declared that “the Church demands to be able to resume its pastoral action.” They strongly asserted that the faithful must be able to nurture themselves spiritually, especially from the Church’s “sacramental life.”

It’s not surprising that this globalist, socialist, social justice Pope would side with government control over this “sacramental life.”

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