Pope Francis Calls for ‘Net-Zero Emissions’ Plan

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Net-Zero Emissions’ Plan

December 14, 2020

In a video message for Saturday’s “High Level Virtual Climate Ambition Summit” to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Climate Accord, socialist Pope Francis linked the coronavirus and climate change and insisted that “the time has come for a change of course.”

“The current pandemic and climate change, which have not only an environmental relevance, but also an ethical, social, economic, and political relevance, have an impact, above all, on the lives of the poorest and most fragile,” Francis said. He went on to say there are a number of “measures that cannot be put off any longer,” including “a net-zero emissions strategy.”

“The Vatican City State commits to reducing net emissions to zero by 2050…” he added. “Political and technical measures must be linked to an educational process that promotes a cultural model of development and sustainability focused on fraternity and the alliance between human beings and the environment.”

“The time has come for a change of course,” the Pope said. “Let us not rob the new generations of hope for a better future.” Indeed — let us not rob new generations by implementing a globalist, big-government boondoggle like the Green New Deal or the Paris Climate Accord.

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