Pope: European Colonization of the Americas Was ‘Genocide’

Pope: European Colonization of the Americas Was ‘Genocide’

August 1, 2022

During an in-flight press conference on Friday, globalist/socialist Pope Francis told reporters that the colonization of the Americas by the British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese constituted a “genocide” against the indigenous people.

A Canadian journalist told the pontiff that the Native Americans who heard his apology for the Church’s participation in the residential school system “lamented the fact that the term genocide was not used,” and pressed the pope to know whether he would use that term and “acknowledge that members of the Church participated in this genocide.”

“Yes, it’s a technical word — genocide — but I didn’t use it because it didn’t come to mind, but I described… It is true, yes, yes, it was genocide. You can all be calm [about this]. You can say that I said that it was genocide,” the pope replied.

Fact check: “genocide” is not an accurate word because while there certainly were some abuses, exploitation, and even violent conflicts in the history of the colonizing of the New World, the general intention of the colonizers was not to eradicate the indigenous peoples, but to Christianize and civilize them

Francis’ agreement with the word “genocide” will open the door to a flood of economic and cultural social justice demands upon the Church and on Western governments in general.

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