Pope: Don’t Condemn Kids With ‘Different Sexual Orientations’

Pope: Don’t Condemn Kids With ‘Different Sexual Orientations’

January 27, 2022

During his weekly general audience in the Vatican on Wednesday, far-left Pope Francis appealed to parents not to condemn their children who might have “different sexual orientations.”

Fear is a “part of life,” the pope said. “God does not promise us that we will never have fear, but that, with His help, it will not be the criterion for our decisions. I am thinking of parents in the face of their children’s problems, children with many illnesses, children who are sick, even with permanent maladies — how much pain is there! — parents who see different sexual orientations in their children; how to deal with this and accompany their children and not hide in an attitude of condemnation.

“And to these parents I say: don’t be scared. Yes, there is pain. A lot,” he said. “But think of the Lord, think about how Joseph solved the problems and ask Joseph to help you.”

Unlike parents today, in his day Joseph didn’t have to deal with a bullying LGBT lobby and Cultural Marxists who target children to sow confusion about their “sexual orientation.”

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