Pope Compares Effects of Climate Change to World War II

Pope Compares Effects of Climate Change to World War II

November 4, 2021

In his message to the U.N. Climate Conference in Glasgow Tuesday, globalist environmentalist Pope Francis compared the effects of climate change to those of World War II.

“The wounds inflicted on our human family by the Covid-19 pandemic and the phenomenon of climate change are comparable to those resulting from a global conflict,” the pope stated. “Today, as in the aftermath of the Second World War, the international community as a whole needs to set as a priority the implementation of collegial, solidarity and farsighted actions.”

Claiming there is “no alternative” to battling purported climate change, the Great Reset enthusiast underscoring the importance of “the goals set by the Paris Agreement” in 2015. He declared that wealthier nations owe a growing “ecological debt” to poorer nations because of their “disproportionate use” of natural resources, and ought to help repay that debt by “assisting poorer countries to support policies and programs of sustainable development.”

The lives of countless people, the socialist pope asserted, have experienced the “increasingly frequent and devastating effects” of climate change. In the future, he warned, environmental disasters will create more refugees than world conflicts.

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