Pope: Climate Change One of ‘Great Moral Issues of Our Time’

Pope: Climate Change One of ‘Great Moral Issues of Our Time’

November 12, 2021

In a letter to the Catholics of Scotland posted Monday on the Vatican website, open-borders socialist Pope Francis urged them to pray for the “fruitful outcome” of the COP26 U.N. Climate Change Conference, a gathering meant to address “one of the great moral issues of our time.”

Humanity will be judged by God if it fails to effectively deal with the purported climate crisis, Francis warned. “Time is running out,” he said, and “this occasion must not be wasted, lest we have to face God’s judgment for our failure to be faithful stewards of the world he has entrusted to our care.”

In his letter, the pope also assured Scottish Catholics of his prayers for “those who in any way are suffering the effects of the pandemic” — another largely manufactured crisis weaponized by the globalist left.

“In these challenging times, may all Christ’s followers in Scotland renew their commitment to be convincing witnesses to the joy of the Gospel and its power to bring light and hope to every effort to build a future of justice, fraternity and prosperity, both material and spiritual,” he concluded.

If the Pope wants justice, fraternity, and prosperity for all, he needs to stop preaching socialism and promoting Big Government power grabs like “climate change” and the wildly over-hyped pandemic.

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