Pope: Church Must Not Cling to ‘Tradition’ or ‘Clear Rules’

Pope: Church Must Not Cling to ‘Tradition’ or ‘Clear Rules’

May 24, 2019

On Thursday at the 21st general assembly of Caritas Internationalis, the Church’s global charitable outreach, Pope Francis said Jesus did not want the Church to cling to doctrine or tradition, but to emphasize the Holy Spirit and love.

Jesus does not always send “clear rules” from heaven, but “sends the Holy Spirit,” said Francis. “Jesus does not want the church to be a perfect model,” but to change and adapt by “leaving aside something old.”

Early Christians had to learn to give up “important religious traditions and precepts” and focus on the message that “God is love,” he added. “[C]onvictions and human traditions can and must be abandoned, since they are more of an obstacle than a help.”

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