Pope: Can’t Hide from Migrants Behind Walls and Barbed Wire

Pope: Can’t Hide from Migrants Behind Walls and Barbed Wire

January 11, 2022

In his annual address on Monday to members of the Vatican’s Diplomatic Corps, open-borders enthusiast Pope Francis railed against the “dehumanization” of migrants Monday, calling for a shared responsibility among European nations to welcome them.

In the face of a swelling tsunami of 3rd-world migration into an overwhelmed 1st-world setting, “we cannot be indifferent or hide behind walls and barbed wires under the pretext of defending security or a style of life.”

Remember that the Pope lives in one of the most heavily-secure, walled compounds on earth, the Vatican.

“I thank all those individuals and governments working to ensure that migrants are welcomed and protected,” he continued, “and to support their human promotion and integration in the countries that have received them.”

“There is a need to overcome indifference and to reject the idea that migrants are a problem for others,” he declared, although “the idea that migrants are a problem for others” is a perfectly valid reality that globalists like Francis do not address.

“Sadly, we must also note that migrants are themselves often turned into a weapon of political blackmail, becoming a sort of ‘bargaining chip’ that deprives them of their dignity…” he added. “What is needed instead is a recovery of our sense of shared identity as a single human family.”

What is needed is a recovery of the West’s shared identity as a civilization in the face of a demographic invasion literally designed to subvert and destroy that civilization. That civilization was once called Christendom, and Popes were once considered the Defender of the Faith.

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