Pope: Rescue More Migrants at Sea Despite Record Numbers

Pope: Rescue More Migrants at Sea Despite Record Numbers

September 26, 2023

Speaking in Marseille on Friday, open-borders globalist Pope Francis appealed for the rescue of more migrants in the Mediterranean Sea and to bring them to Europe despite the record numbers already arriving.

Francis evoked the tragedy of migrant sea deaths on the Mediterranean to urge governments and NGOs to step up efforts to assist migrants in reaching Europe’s shores.

“I invite you to a moment of silence in memory of these brothers and sisters of ours; let us allow ourselves to be touched by their tragedies,” the pope told the crowd assembled for his address. “We can no longer witness the tragedies of shipwrecks, due to odious trafficking and the fanaticism of indifference. Indifference becomes fanatical.”

“People who risk drowning when abandoned on the waves must be rescued. It is a duty of humanity, it is a duty of civilization!” he added.

According to Italy’s Interior Ministry, 132,867 migrants have arrived in Italy as of September 22, nearly double the total that had arrived by this time in 2022 (69,498) and more than triple the figure from 2021 (43,756).

Total arrivals in Europe (194,611) have already surpassed the annual totals of the last six years, even though migrant sea deaths are the lowest in three years.

“We cannot resign ourselves to seeing human beings treated as bargaining chips, imprisoned and tortured in an atrocious way – we know, so often, when we send them away, they are destined to be tortured and imprisoned,” he said.

What Francis failed to mention is that an astonishing percentage of African migrants who do arrive in Europe wind up in situations akin to slavery. The United Nations migration agency estimates that some 80 percent of Nigerian women who arrive in Italy are destined for sexual exploitation.

Undeterred, Pope Francis has exhorted NGOs to continue bringing migrants to Europe.

“I am pleased to see so many of you here who go to sea to save, to save migrants,” he said Friday. “And many times they prevent you from going, because – it is said – the ship lacks something, lacks this, this other. These are gestures of hatred against the brother, disguised as ‘balance.’”

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