Pope: African Migrants to Europe Only Looking for ‘Well-Being’

Pope: African Migrants to Europe Only Looking for ‘Well-Being’

February 1, 2023

Speaking to reporters Tuesday on a flight to the Democratic Republic of Congo, open-borders globalist Pope Francis claimed that migrants leaving Africa to travel to Europe are only looking for “a little well-being,”

“Right now we are crossing the Sahara,” Francis told reporters. “Let us offer a thought, in silence, a prayer for all the people who are looking for a little well-being, a little freedom, have crossed it and have not made it.”

“So many suffering people who arrive at the Mediterranean and after crossing the desert are taken to the concentration camps and suffer there,” he continued, referring to Libyan migrant detention centers. “Let us pray for all those people.”

Many migrants “are subjected to inhuman violence,” he said, while urging the international community “to keep its promises to seek common, concrete and lasting solutions for the management of migratory flows in Libya and throughout the Mediterranean.”

The pope also called on nations to stop detaining illegal migrants, but to offer “dignified living conditions” instead.

“We must put an end to the return of migrants to unsafe countries and to give priority to the assistance of human lives at sea with rescue operations and predictable disembarkation,” he said, “to guarantee them dignified living conditions, alternatives to detention, regular migration routes, and access to asylum procedures.”

Perhaps next time the Pope will address the crushing economic, and social impact that millions of Third World migrants have had on a Europe that is committing cultural suicide. But don’t hold your breath.

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