Poll: Weak Biden’s Approval Rating Drops After G7 Debacle

Poll: Weak Biden’s Approval Rating Drops After G7 Debacle

June 17, 2021

A Monmouth University poll taken on June 16 shows that empty-suit President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues its downward slide in June from 49% to 48%.

The poll comes on the heels of Biden’s stunningly unimpressive European tour. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted Biden on Tuesday in a congressional hearing for traveling to Europe instead of visiting our overrun southern border, where illegal immigration has surged 674% since last May.

“Well, you know what, Joe Biden’s in Europe right now,” said Cruz. “Maybe it’s time for the person ostensibly in charge of the border from this administration to go to the border.”

Biden’s trip to Europe ended with a meeting with Vladimir Putin in which the mentally and physically decrepit Biden refused to participate in a joint press conference with the Russian President. This allowed Putin to ignore questions about repressing his political opponents and, instead, to criticize America about Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting in 2020.

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