Poll: Walker Narrowly Edging Out Warnock in GA Senate Race

Poll: Walker Narrowly Edging Out Warnock in GA Senate Race

November 29, 2022

Georgia’s Republican hopeful Herschel Walker is narrowly edging out radical Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in the state’s upcoming Senate runoff race, according to a Phillips Academy poll.

The survey shows Walker leading Warnock by one point, or 48 percent to the Democrat’s 47 percent. The narrow lead is well within the survey’s +/- 3.3 margin of error.

Furthermore, five percent of voters remain undecided — enough to swing the race in either direction.

Despite that, Warnock is maintaining an advantage among the key demographics, including independent voters, leading by three percent. He also has the edge among male voters (50 percent), rural voters (64 percent), and leads among suburban voters by three percent as well.

Walker has the lead among white voters, while Warnock leads among black voters.

In an interview on Breitbart News Saturday, Walker accused his Democrat opponent of using a misleading campaign message to dissuade voters from supporting him. “They just had a fundraiser, Sen. Warnock had a fundraiser, in my hometown with a guy that said that he coached me in football. The guy never coached me. He was a defensive back coach, never coached me,” the former NFL star explained.

“The guy also took funds from another church, and he had a lawsuit against that, so it seems like Sen. Warnock want to continue to mislead people just to win this election and lie to people just to win this election, and also mistreat the church because that’s what this guy did as well,” Walker added.

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