Poll: Republican Schultz Tied with Minnesota AG Keith Ellison

Poll: Republican Schultz Tied with Minnesota AG Keith Ellison

October 18, 2022

Jim Schultz, the Republican candidate for attorney general in Minnesota, is now tied with Attorney General Keith Ellison (D), according to a MinnPost poll released Monday.

MinnPost found that Schultz and Ellison are tied at 47 percent support among Minnesota voters. However, the two candidates are now vying for support from the five percent of undecided voters.

Although the undecided voters lean Democrat and plan to vote blue in other statewide races, Embold pollster Ben Greenfield warned that the undecided demographic could be a bad sign for Ellison as the incumbent attorney general.

Greenfield said:

I do think it’s good news for Ellison that the people who remain undecided are leaning pretty significantly towards Democrats in the other elections. But the downside of that is he’s an incumbent, he’s a well-known figure in the state, so if he hasn’t won them over already it might be difficult to win some of them over.

A plurality of voters, 45 percent, have an unfavorable view of Ellison, the former congressman who won his attorney general election in 2018 by only four points.

Another sign that could not bode well for Ellison is that undecided voters more often listed violent crime as a priority than Ellison voters, MinnPost reported. Schultz said his top priority was “crime, crime, and crime,” during Friday’s debate with Ellison. Meanwhile, Ellison opened the debate by pleading to voters who are more concerned with protecting the left’s sacrament of infanticide.

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