Poll: President Biden’s Disapproval Rating Rises to 51%

Poll: President Biden’s Disapproval Rating Rises to 51%

April 6, 2021

According to Rasmussen Reports’ April 5 tracking poll, President Joe Biden’s disapproval rating hit a whopping 51% Monday.

Biden’s approval rating stands at 47%. Of that percentage of respondents, only 29% “strongly” approve. His disapproval dropped to 51%, and of those, 42% “strongly” disapprove. His 51% disapproval marks a two-point rise since March 31, although he hit that number on March 25 and 26 as well.

The immigration disaster on the southern border seems to have contributed strongly to the ratings. Biden recently experienced a 14% net swing against his immigration approval rating as a tsunami of immigrants floods over the border.

The Morning Consult/Politico poll showed 49% of voters disapproving of Biden’s handling of immigration issues — an 8-point rise from mid-March. Forty percent approved, a 6-point drop in the same time span. The survey also showed a majority of voters, 53%, blaming the border surge on the Biden administration’s changes from Trump-era migration policies, such as nixing the Remain in Mexico policy and resuming Catch and Release.

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