Poll: Plurality ‘Strongly Disapprove’ of Joe’s Performance

Poll: Plurality ‘Strongly Disapprove’ of Joe’s Performance

August 16, 2021

Even before the Afghanistan debacle that arguably marks the low point of President Joe Biden’s tenure thus far, a Trafalgar Group survey released this week found that a plurality of likely voters “strongly disapprove” of job performance thus far.

The survey asked respondents, “How do you think Joe Biden is handling his job as President?” Resp0nses showed Biden earning a slightly negative overall rating, with 46.5% approving and 47.5% disapproving. Six percent expressed no opinion. Among those who disapproved, a plurality, or 41.6%, “strongly” disapproved.

This came in the wake of Real Clear Politics’s average of multiple polls demonstrating that Biden’s approval rating sank to 49% on August 11. Those polls included the Economist/YouGovQuinnipiac, and The Hill/HarrisX.

The surveys come as Biden’s administration threatens to impose new restrictions related to the COVID pandemic, which is unpopular enough. But now that Biden is being blamed by even the mainstream media for the sudden fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, that job performance disapproval will no doubt sink to a deserved new low.

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