Poll: Only 7% Believe Nation is Doing ‘Very Well’ Under Biden

Poll: Only 7% Believe Nation is Doing ‘Very Well’ Under Biden

April 12, 2022

A CBS News poll on Sunday revealed that a miniscule 7% of Americans believe the nation is doing “very well” under hapless President Joe Biden’s leadership, while 33% say the nation is doing very badly.

On the economy, nine percent of Americans say Biden’s national economy is doing very well. Thirty-one percent said it is doing very badly. On whether Biden is doing enough to reduce 40-year-high inflation, only 31 percent say he is, while 69 percent say he is not.

Only 12 percent of independents strongly approve of the puppet president. Forty-one percent strongly disapprove. On no issue did a majority of independents approve of Biden’s management: Economy (30 approve-70 percent disapprove), inflation (26-74 percent), Ukrainian war (41-59 percent), immigration (31-69 percent), and crime (34-66 percent).

Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) told the Wall Street Journal he has a plan to “fix the problem” to ensure Democrats keep the House. Maloney also acknowledged congressional Democrats have to “outperform the national [Democrat] brand.”

“The question is,” Maloney continued, “How big does that overperformance have to get?”

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