Poll: Only 35% of Dems Hold Favorable View of Jeffries

Poll: Only 35% of Dems Hold Favorable View of Jeffries

January 10, 2023

Only 35 percent of Democrats hold a favorable view of election denier Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the House Democrats’ new minority leader, a Sunday CBS/YouGov poll found.

Eighteen percent overall hold a favorable view of Jeffries, while 41 percent of respondents had never heard of him or his attacks on democracy.

Jeffries’ favorability among the Democrats’ intersection coalition was quite low. Among independents, Jeffries held a 16-point favorability. That number only increased to 22 percent among black voters and 20 percent among Hispanics. Only 19 percent of respondents younger than 30 viewed Jeffries favorably. Among American women, his rating sank to 14 percent.

In contrast, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) favorably was marked at 61 percent among Democrats. Among black respondents, she held a 44 percent approval rating. Twenty-five percent of Hispanics viewed her favorably. Overall, Pelosi’s favorability was 27 percent, nine points higher than Jeffries’.

Both Jeffries and Pelosi are election deniers. More than 100 times, Jeffries has denied the legitimacy of U.S. elections. Pelosi attacked democracy in 2017 when she falsely claimed the 2016 election “was hijacked,” stating, “There is no question.”

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