Poll: Kamala’s Job Approval Numbers Tank in Home State CA

Poll: Kamala’s Job Approval Numbers Tank in Home State CA

February 16, 2022

The job approval numbers of Vice President Kamala Harris in her home state of California are as dismal as her job performance, according to a poll co-sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and the Los Angeles Times.

Forty-six percent of the registered voters in California disapprove of her performance as hapless President Biden’s second-in-command. By comparison, only 38 percent said they approved of her job performance as VP, and 16 percent had no opinion.

The poll also noted that the most significant increase for Harris was her disapproval rating and of those that strongly disapprove. Of the current poll’s 46 percent disapproval, 35 percent “strongly disapprove,” a five percent increase since last July.

This recent poll was a complete reversal of her numbers in her home state from that previous poll. At that time, Kamala held a 49 percent approval and only a 38 percent disapproval.

So apparently, over the last several months, even many California Democrats have soured on the disastrous administration and Kamala’s useless role in it.

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