Poll: GOP Faces Uphill Battle to Unseat Tyrannical Gov. Whitmer

Poll: GOP Faces Uphill Battle to Unseat Tyrannical Gov. Whitmer

January 13, 2022

According to a poll from WDIV and the Detroit News published Tuesday, Michigan’s tyrannical Gov. Gretchen Whitmer holds a nearly ten-point lead over her closest Republican competitor, former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, in the state’s 2022 race for governor, .

The poll found that in a hypothetical matchup against Craig, Whitmer holds a 48.6 percent lead over Craig’s 39.1 percent. Undecided voters account for 11.7 percent. Whitmer obviously holds even greater leads in hypothetical matchups against other Republican candidates.

But poll respondents did not overwhelmingly support Whitmer when she was presented as the only option. Asked if they would vote to reelect Whitmer or “someone new,” a plurality, or 41.1 percent, opted for someone new, while 39.9 percent said they would reelect her. Another 12.2 percent said their vote would depend on who is running against Whitmer.

Whitmer’s overall approval numbers, showing 56.2 percent approve and 39.6 percent disapprove of the governor, contrast with her declining ratings among voters last year. Multiple polls conducted in 2021 during Whitmer’s draconian coronavirus lockdowns, which nearly destroyed the state’s economy, showed her approval sagging when compared with earlier versions of the same polls.

Difficult to imagine why the people of Michigan would not be 100 percent in favor of throwing out the COVID hypocrite Whitmer. The mostly Democrat state must enjoy its submission to tyranny.

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