Poll: Biden’s Approval Drops in 7 Key Congressional Districts

Poll: Biden’s Approval Drops in 7 Key Congressional Districts

September 8, 2021

A new poll from the American Action Network finds that President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have plunged in seven key congressional districts that can define the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm election.

The poll found that Biden’s net approval averages -7, with 44% approval and 51% disapproval. On average, most Americans (51%) also believe the government’s spending is to blame for the increase in inflation. This includes the majority of the American voters that disapprove of the left’s spending plan and Biden’s socialist “Build Back Better” agenda, respectively, 55% and 54%.

The key districts are California’s Tenth Congressional District, where Biden’s approval sits at an abysmal 44%, Florida’s Seventh Congressional District (46%), Iowa’s Third Congressional District (43%), Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District (42%), Michigan’s Eleventh Congressional District (45%), Virginia’s Second Congressional District (46%), and Washington’s Eighth Congressional District (46%).

Interestingly, 47% of respondents said they believe the $3.5 trillion partisan wish list will make the rising costs families face even worse. A majority (55%) do not want to raise taxes to pay for it.

That’s why you don’t vote Democrat.

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