Poll: Biden Doubles Lead over Trump to 12 Points

Poll: Biden Doubles Lead over Trump to 12 Points

June 23, 2020

A Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey reveals that presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has doubled his lead over President Trump this month to 12 points, according to Breitbart News.

56 percent of likely voters support Biden’s campaign for the White House, while 44 percent stated that they support President Trump. Last month’s poll found Biden enjoyed a six-point lead over the incumbent president.

“After 11 months of improving ratings, Trump in the last month set back to below 50 percent in his handling of the crisis after the Clorox press conference as he pulled back from the daily briefings,” said Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll’s Mark Penn. “He continues to lag in the national presidential horse race while Biden’s numbers have shown no change up or down,” Penn added, before cautioning that, “this race is far from over and both candidates have potentially winning scenarios.”

Indeed it is far from over. And Trump’s victory in 2016 demonstrated that polls are worthless in terms of forecasting elections.

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