Poll: Biden Approval Slumps to Near-Lowest Point of Presidency

Poll: Biden Approval Slumps to Near-Lowest Point of Presidency

March 23, 2023

Approval of alleged President Joe Biden has dipped to nearly the lowest point of his tenure in office, a poll released Thursday reveals.

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted the polling and the results chart fluctuations in voter support for Biden over recent months.

The president notched an approval rating of 38 percent in the poll, after 45 percent said they approved in February and 41 percent in January. His ratings hit their lowest point of his presidency last July, at 36 percent, as the full weight of rising gasoline, food and other costs began to hit U.S. households.

The polling further sets out doubts surround the president’s handling of the national economy and his ability to project authority as he charts the nation’s economic course in an increasingly troubled world marked by inflation and bank failures.

Just 31 percent approve of Biden’s economic stewardship, hovering where it’s been over the course of the last year.

The AP numbers set out further differences in perceptions of Biden’s economic leadership:

The difference between Biden’s approval overall and his approval on the economy is driven largely by Democrats, 76% of whom say they approve of how he’s handling his job as president while 63% approve of his handling of the economy. Few Republicans approve of Biden on either count.

Democrats under the age of 45 feel less positive about Biden, causing a drag on his approval ratings. Just 54% approve of the president’s economic leadership, compared to 72% of Democrats older than 45. Similarly, just 66% of Democrats under 45 approve of Biden overall, compared to 85% of older Democrats.

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