Poll: Biden Approval Has Biggest Drop of Any President Since 1953

Poll: Biden Approval Has Biggest Drop of Any President Since 1953

October 25, 2021

According to a new Gallup poll, President Joe Biden’s 11-point drop in averaged approval ratings over his first three quarters in office marks the most significant decline in approval during the same point in any presidency since 1953.

During his first quarter as president, Biden enjoyed an average rating of 56 percent. Since then, his approval rating has nosedived. Ratings in his third quarter, which ended on October 19, averaged 44.7 percent; that 11.3 percentage point drop is the largest of any president dating back to 1953.

The poll shows that a delusional 92 percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s performance, while 6 percent of Democrats disapprove. The approval rating among Republicans almost exactly reverses that: four percent approve, while 94 percent disapprove. “The 88-point partisan gap in job approval is the largest for Biden thus far in his presidency and ranks among the largest in more than eight decades of Gallup measurements of presidential approval,” Gallup stated.

Furthermore, the poll shows that Biden is underwater with independents, as his latest approval rating hovers at 34 percent, a 21-point drop since June.

Worst president ever — and he’s just getting started.

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