Poll: 86% of Democrats View Critical Race Theory Favorably

Poll: 86% of Democrats View Critical Race Theory Favorably

June 17, 2021

According to a new YouGov poll sponsored by The Economist, 58% of Americans have an “unfavorable” view of the Marxist ideological weapon, Critical Race Theory (CRT), while a disheartening 38% view it favorably. Among Democrats, a whopping 86% embrace the idea.

The survey asked 1,500 participants if they have “a good idea of what CRT is.” The poll found 54% responded “yes,” 23% said “no,” and 23% said “not sure.” The fact that nearly half the respondents were at best unclear on the topic is disappointing, to say the least.

Those respondents who said they knew what CRT is were then asked whether they have a “favorable or unfavorable” opinion of it; 25% said “very favorable;” 13% said “somewhat favorable;” 5% said “somewhat unfavorable;” 53% said “very unfavorable;” and 4% said “don’t know.”

The favorability of CRT broken down by demographic groups:

  • White men, no college degree: 24 percent
  • White men, college degree: 34 percent
  • White women, no college degree: 23 percent
  • White women, college degree: 44 percent
  • Black: 68 percent
  • Hispanic: 42 percent
  • Republicans: 6 percent
  • Democrats: 86 percent
  • Independents: 20 percent

Among the respondents, 37% said teaching CRT is “good for America,” while 55% said “bad for America;” 8% were neutral. But CRT has the entire media-cultural complex in its corner, as well as subversives pushing it at the highest levels of the government and corporate America.

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